about the cake nutritionist

I Bake My Cake and Eat It Too!

Hey y’all. My name is Lauren and I love cake possibly more than life itself. I’ve lived in New York for most of my life but I’m a Southern girl at heart. I never really understood this whole idea of Nutrition or anything related to it until I got to college. My first Nutrition class really changed my life! I realized I could be free of constant dieting, restriction, and misery. It is a common misconception that nutrition involves simply dieting and eliminating “junk” food; however, it’s way more than just cutting calories and filling up on salad.

Are you tired of having a tumultuous relationship with food? Sick of starving yourself to try and reach your goals? Hate feeling like you must give up all the delicious comforts you enjoy eating and drinking? End it today! Let’s eliminate the word diet from your vocabulary. I can help you incorporate all the foods and drinks you love while empowering you to reach your goals. Zero misery or guilt.

Embracing and understanding an all-inclusive approach to nutrition has enriched my life, allowing me to live healthier and happier. I want to help you too! Let’s go on a journey together to reinvent your relationship with food. Nothing should be off limits. Food is meant to be enjoyed!

Education Highlights
Master of Science in Nutrition
Registered Dietitian
Diploma in Sports Nutrition

Weight Loss without Misery
Long-lasting Results
Sports and Performance Nutrition

Helping people find peace with food and eating truly brings me joy. Food is meant to be enjoyed. Let’s dig in!

The Cake Nutritionist