Guilt-free Holiday Eating

Unfortunately, the holidays can bring out the worst in eating habits. People tend to over restrict during the day, to “save calories” for the party or special dinner. Once they’re at that party, they then tend to overeat and indulge because they have literally been starving themselves and can’t get the food and drinks in fast enough! This is the body’s natural reaction to deprivation. It doesn’t like to be starved and your brain will signal you to eat tons of food to make up for the missing nutrients.

I think the best game-plan for the holidays is having balanced meals every day, rather than going through periods of starvation and overeating. Try meals that are high in protein and lower in fat before heading out to that party. Some good options: egg white omelet with veggies and a slice of whole wheat toast, or, plain 0% Greek yogurt with a cup of chopped fruit. Both options will keep you full and satisfied!

One of the best parts of the holidays is all the delicious foods and treats. You should always be able to have the foods you love. Moderation is key! Instead of having ten cookies, have two. Love macaroni and cheese? Try taking a small dessert plate and adding a few spoonfuls, rather than serving yourself on a plate made for huge amounts of food

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