I. Eat. All. Day. Long.

I literally eat all day long. I love it. It gives me more energy and I don’t feel cranky or even worse, HANGRY. A lot of people think that if they go for hours and hours without eating, they’ll save calories and lose weight. That’s not necessarily true. When we starve ourselves, our bodies get scared! Often times the body will hold onto fat because it doesn’t know the next time it will be starved again. That’s why people regularly tell me that they only eat once a day yet can’t seem to lose weight. We should never deprive ourselves of food to lose weight. It’s miserable and unhealthy! Starting out with breakfast in the morning gets your metabolism going and gives you energy to tackle the day. Have one or two snacks a day to keep your energy up. Who doesn’t want a delicious bite to eat in between meals? Chat with me to see what type of meals would keep you full and happy during your day! 

In the meantime, checkout some of my favorite snacks. Munch away!

Popcorn- Regular salted popcorn is great. Look for brands with the ingredients: popcorn, oil, salt. Any variety of oil or salt is fine! Pink Himalayan salt is really delicious.

Yogurt- I like Chobani and Oikos! Plain Greek yogurt is awesome because you can add fruit for sweetness and a teaspoon of honey. Dairy-free alternatives from Silk and Trader Joe’s are also great!

Cheese sticks or just sliced cheese from a bar- any flavor is fine!

Pretzels- regular, pretzel crisps, pretzels with peanut butter (Trader Joe’s has a great option). The baked variety from Super Pretzels are a great treat! Reminds me of a soft pretzel you get at a baseball game!

Unsalted nuts. You can add a tablespoon of dried fruit for a DIY trail mix

Granola bars- Clif bars (good for a hefty snack), Nature Valley Crunchy Bars, Kind Bars, RXBARs

Good ol’ fruit straight from nature


Nut butter- less processed brands with just peanuts and salt are best!

Crackers- Back to Nature has great options. I love Trader Joe’s Pita Crackers

Kettle chips- good for a salty craving- I love the Cape Cod and Trader Joe’s brands

Snacks that are fine solo:

Granola Bars






Glass of chocolate milk (Awesome after a workout)

Beef or Turkey Jerky- I’m personally not a fan but they are a great snack option!

Good Combos- Especially good when you a want a more filling snack that will satisfy you for longer amounts of time! Perfect before workouts:

Apple or banana with nut butter

Piece of bread with tablespoon of nut butter

Yogurt with fruit and/or granola (Whole foods and Cascadian Farms have good options)

Crackers with cheese

Plain pretzels with cheese

Nuts with dried fruit

Hummus with cut up veggies and/or a few crackers

Kettle chips with cheese

Small bowl of cereal with 1% or 2% milk

Tortilla chips and salsa, you can have a string cheese with this to make it more filling. Cheddar or pepper jack would go well!

Have a sweet tooth- sometimes I have a plain or vanilla Greek yogurt and add a tablespoon of my favorite candy (REESE’S PIECES). So yummy! You can also crush up an Oreo or any cookie. Stir it in and enjoy!

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