I thought I knew it all up until I met Lauren. When I met The Cake Nutritionist, I was in a weird place. My doctor had told me that I had high liver enzymes and would need to lose some weight. He put me on the most ridiculous diet I had ever heard of, but since he is a medical professional, I thought I had to do it. I was also frustrated because I was seeing zero results and was trying absolutely everything (or at least I thought I was). I am an avid Martial Artist and between practicing and going to the gym, I would sometimes work out 3-4 hours a day. Still, I saw no results. I would even meal prep and only eat grilled chicken and broccoli for 6 days and on the 7th day (Sunday) it was a free-for-all. My cheat day. I was always so cranky, tired and had little energy. In comes The Cake Nutritionist. She starts teaching me about intuitive eating and started making me understand that food wasn’t the enemy. I didn’t have to look at that delicious pizza slice or that burger and immediately feel bad about myself it after I ate it. Almost like I had failed. She made me realize that I was doing it all wrong this entire time. My thought was always- if I eat very little and no “fat” things, I would eventually reach my goal. Man, was I wrong. I now listen to my body and don’t restrict myself from eating anything. Even my blood work is back to normal. It’s a huge weight lifted off my shoulders (and my belly). My favorite thing about her services is that whenever I am out buying food and really crave something, she is just one text away. She teaches me how I am able to fit those delicious burritos or tacos into my every day life. No more diets for this guy right here! Just loving my new relationship with my food! Thank you Lauren! My body and I will forever be grateful to have met you!

I am so thankful to have had Lauren help me during my pregnancy. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and had NO idea how to handle it. She helped me schedule my meals and snack times including what meals worked best with my insulin injections. She was just a text/call away if I had any questions on any food items I wasn’t sure about. We were able to come up with a plan that kept my numbers under control and actually helped me lose weight during pregnancy! Amazing!

Bespoke, reclaiming of my love for food. This is the way I’d best describe my experience with Lauren as my dietitian. Great care was put into analyzing my habits, and helping me better understand what I was putting into my body. We tracked what I was eating and then she created a plan to help me make better decisions. I found that after a few weeks, it became much easier to make the better choices, while still enjoying the things I love. You can really feel the expertise and most of all the attentiveness she puts into her work. I look forward to continuing my transformative journey, which has already rendered life-changing results, with Lauren as my guide.

4 pounds down this week! I was so excited this morning while preparing my food and packing my snacks! Thank you so very much!!

The Cake Nutritionist