Nutrition Consulting

Free 15-minute Consultation: Free 15-minute Consultation: Let’s chat and get to know each other! I can answer any questions you may have and we can discuss our future meetings.

Initial Consultation Initial consultation is one hour long. It includes review of your 7-day food log (I’ll explain this to you during our free 15-minute consultation!) and a good ol’ chat about your relationship with food. What do you like? What do you hate? What do you struggle with? We will also discuss any specific health concerns and goals you might have! After this meeting, I will devise a personalized nutrition plan that will help you to be healthy, happy and satisfied.

PRICE – $125

Follow Up- Our follow up can last up to 45 minutes! I want you to feel like you have enough time to address any concerns or exciting accomplishments you have! The follow up meetings will help you to stay accountable. We can discuss any changes you want to make and any struggles you may have.

PRICE – $75

Monthly Calendar with Detailed Meal Plan- I will create a delicious meal plan for you for a full month. This option includes a calendar with all of your meals and snacks listed, and a grocery list. We will discuss what you have on hand in your pantry and what would be good staples to buy and keep at home.

$15/ WEEK OR $50/ MONTH

Concierge Service

This is a monthly add on service to the consultations which gives you full daily access to me via texting and/or Facetime. We can chat while you’re at a grocery store, if you’re having trouble choosing something from a menu, things like that!

$40/ MONTH

Grocery Store Trip

We will go to a grocery store together to talk about different food options, set up a solid pantry for your home and discuss any questions you may have! This is especially helpful for those who may not be used to shopping for larger amounts of food and those who want a variety of options to eat and drink in their home! I can meet you at whichever store you choose.


Food Safety Consult

I have extensive knowledge in food safety and can help you to learn more about living safely! We can discuss proper food storage and cooking techniques. How long does food last? How long can it sit out? How can I maximize my food usage before items expire? I can help you with all of this and more!


Recipe Revamp

I’m a pretty dang good cooker, at least that’s what I’ve been told! Give me any recipe and I will revamp it to suit your particular needs, without sacrificing taste and flavor!



Initial consult and three follow up sessions - $250 (Actual price is $350)

Initial consult and three follow up sessions with one month meal plan calendar- $300 (Actual price is $400)

Initial consult and three follow up sessions, one month meal plan calendar and concierge service- $325 (Actual price is $440)

Two follow up sessions- $100 (Actual price is $150)

Pull up a chair and get ready to dig in. Everyone is welcome!